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Maths, English and science tuition from qualified teachers, in the heart of Aintree Village. 

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  • Is your child struggling at reading, writing or in maths and science?
  • Are Year 6 SATS or GCSEs looming? 

Choosing the right tutor in North Liverpool to teach your child can be a daunting prospect.

Do you choose a home tutor, an “instructor” at a Tutoring Agency or Progress Tutoring?

Only a parent/guardian can know which environment is best for their child but here are some reasons I think you should consider Progress Tutoring .

  • All our English, science and maths tutors are fully qualified teachers and have full DBS checks in place – we do not employ “instructors” or “classroom assistants”. 
  • Each 60 minute session consists of a combination of individual teaching and written exercises.
  • Our bright, modern centre and positive environment makes learning fun for children, improves confidence and instills a “can do” attitude. Hard work is rewarded with stickers and prizes and especially praise!

Just phone or email me for more information on how we can help your child progress.

Louise Gane BA(Hons), PGCE, MA

Proprietor - Progress Tutoring

Our Expertise and our Prices



We offer tuition in English, science and maths to children aged 6 – 16.   From September we will also offer tuition in  A Level maths. Children come to Progress Tutoring for a variety of reasons including:

  • Falling behind in school and struggling to keep up in class
  • Lacking in confidence
  • Poor literacy and maths skills 
  • Needing extra help with Year 6 SATs
  • GCSE science, maths and English revision
  • GCSE resits 

 Parents can enrol their children throughout the school year. There is a free consultation, and free enrolment. An initial assessment is conducted for every student to identify areas of weakness and so an individually tailored study programme can be designed.

Our tutors are all qualified teachers, who are able to create a learning environment that makes achievement and progress natural. 

We are registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers (UKPRN: 10081337)

Course Highlights

  • Caring and committed teachers
  • Varied activities to hold students’ interest
  • Regular feedback to parents with updates on progress


Our 60 minute sessions are delivered in small groups, (no more than 6 students), to ensure your child will have lots of one to one attention, and are compatible with the National Curriculum. 

During term time our lessons start at 4pm Monday to Thursday.  

The price of each 60 minute session is £15, (A Level maths tuition is £20) which can be paid by cash, cheque, standing order or bank transfer.


There is no minimum term or number of sessions. (Tutoring may be suspended, however, if scheduled sessions result in habitual cancellations, late cancels, or no shows).

Tuition Options



PRIMARY Key Stage 1 & 2 (Ages 6-11 / Years 1-6)


Either 1 or 2 hours of Maths per week.


Either 1 or 2 hours of English per week.


1 hour of Maths and 1 hour of English per week.

SECONDARY Key Stage 3 & 4 (Ages 11-16 / Years 7-11)


Either 1 or 2 hours of Maths per week.


Either 1 or 2 hours of English per week.


GCSE Physics, chemistry and biology

SECONDARY Key Stage 5 (A Level)


1 hour per week


We can help your child if they are struggling with maths, science and English to acquire the skills they needed to succeed in school and life and to progress and achieve their best in their SATs and GCSEs. 

In today’s world it is necessary for most occupations and further education courses to gain at least a grade 4 at GCSE maths and English. At Progress Tutoring we aim to pinpoint a student’s areas of weakness and bring them to a level that enables success in the examinations.

Because we work to the individual needs of the students, we can establish why a student fails to grasp a topic and correct any mistakes to ensure your child now has all the background needed to understand.

As the students approach their exams they are able to work through past papers under exam conditions, which are marked with the examination board’s criteria in mind. 


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Every student has unique needs for support. Tell me more about what you are hoping a tutor can do for your child and I will start on a plan to help them progress and achieve their best. 

Louise Gane BA(Hons), PGCE, MA - Proprietor

Progress Tutoring

201B Altway, Aintree, Liverpool L10 6LB

527 3771 07823442953 info@progresstutoring.co.uk www.searchtutors.co.uk


Lessons start at 4pm 

Office hours: Monday -  Thursday:  15:30 - 20:00

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

You can contact Progress Tutoring 7 days a week 

Summer Term 2019 ends 18th July 


Term Dates 2019/2020

Autumn Term -     09/09/19 - 24/10/19

                              04/11/19 - 19/12/19

Spring Term   -     06/01/20 - 13/02/20

                              24/02/20 - 02/04/20

Summer Term -   20/04/20 - 21/05/20

                              01/06/20 - 16/07/20

We are closed on bank holidays